This formula is for the antenna wire. Of course if you build your antenna out of the tube, total length of the antenna will be shorter, for example I have found that 21.5 feet seems to provide maximum benefit to the frequency of 28.5 MHz when using a 1 "tube, and 22.5. Foot seems be the best long-wire at the same frequency.
The important parameters for the optimum performance of an FM transmitter are : 1. Transmitter frequency, output power and range of transmission. 2. Antenna length. 3. Coil diameter, length, number of turns and gauge of the wire used for coil winding. The circuit diagram shown below is that of a Single transistor FM transmitter with a range of 30-
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They should be installed at the antenna (if needed, most dipoles are grounded anyway), at the tower base and at the point of entrance into transmitter building. Also use self-sealing tape which turns into rubber and protects moisture from entering your antenna system.