Kit command line. Autopsy/Sleuth Kit allow for an examiner to open a .dd or other type of disk image file, hash the file, and search for files and other information contained within the file. It is also possible to produce reports of searches, results, and comments and notes in HTML and Excel. The following features are available through Autopsy/Sleuth Kit:
Windows Kits 10 x64-86, ver. 10..14393.795 Набор утилит для работы с сертификатами. For help on a specific command, enter "signtool <command> /?" Usage: CertMgr [options][-s [-r...
command used to detect ongoing attacks, lists all current network connections- both inbound and outbound the windows registry central database used in microsoft windows family of operating systems to store information necessary to configure the system for one of more users, applications and hardware devices
I'd like from Command Prompt to query the hard drive size, akin to `df -h` in Unix. Does Windows/DOS provide such a command?