Sep 18, 2009 · Actually, I believe Shadow Priests could work rather well for Tauren. Holy Priests could be Priests of An'she, Shadow Priests could be Priests of Mu'sha, while Discipline Priests could be seeking a balance. Obviously, it's really for game mechanic reasons, but it does make more sense than, say, a Night Elf or Dwarven Shadow Priest.
Jul 14, 2009 · The main difference between them is that one (usually considered the Holy set) has Spirit, where the other (the Shadow set) has Crit. The next sets, the Savage Gladiator’s Investiture and the Savage Gladiator’s Raiment , are blue items with an item level of 200, and are the first that are priest-only.
you also have to consider that if u are a deep shadow priest: shadow weaving: +10% shadow damage, darkness: +10% shadow spelldamage, misery: +5% spell damage taken by tagert. so the 140% becomes 165%. at my 49 not well geared shadow priest with all these up (only 4 points in misery btw) it is a ~1149 damage over 24 seconds.
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